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Top 5 Physical Therapy Exercises For Senior Citizens

It's easy to say that playing an active role in life, and daily exercising all is important.

But we all know that it is pretty easy to say this while hard to do. And even if you exercise, then keeping consistency in the workouts is way more difficult.

And while you are young, all these are manageable to an extent but what if you are a person living in their 40s or 50s? Or Old age. Then, exercising is a nightmare.

As you get old, you lose your balance, strength, and flexibility, and your chances of getting attacked by diseases and injuries increase.

While it is hard for you to exercise, here physical therapies are in the picture.

Physical therapies have many advantages to one's body, no matter what your age is and what you are suffering from.

In this blog, we are going to reveal all of them, and will also tell you 5 effective physical therapies you can get as a senior citizen for improved overall well-being.

Why Physical Therapies for Seniors Can be Beneficial?

Many studies have proven that the body and mind are closely linked with each other. A healthy body means a healthy mind and improved cognitive health.

Here are 4 benefits you get from Physical Therapy as a senior citizen:

Independent lifestyle - It's a natural and common phenomenon that as we get old, we become more dependent on others for our day-to-day life things.

Physical therapies allow senior citizens to fight and recover from those serious ailments and make them operate more independently rather than being dependent on others for even small things.

Reduces the Risk of Injuries - As we get old, our body is more prone to the risk of diseases and injuries.

Under the proper guidance of physiotherapists, they can guide senior citizens on how they sustain their stability while walking or moving on surfaces and thereby can reduce the chances of injuries.

Recovery from Fall - It's seen that minor injuries when you are in your old age can lead to fractures and other injuries that weaken the body.

Even after a long stay in the hospital, there is a high chance you might feel weak and that will make the body even more prone to fall.

Physiotherapy has proven benefits in that it strengthens one's body while also retaining it. And makes recovery faster and better.

Get Rid From Chronic Pain - As we age, chronic conditions like osteoarthritis and arthritis, etc are common to come. Physiotherapists can guide one on how to reduce the discomfort caused by it and also its symptoms.

Top 5 Physical Therapy Exercises for Senior Citizens.

Water Aerobics - Have you heard of exercising inside the water?

Yes, Water Aerobics is exactly that.

Exercising in the water improves the body's strength, flexibility, and balance without any extra stress on the body.

Water training puts less pressure on the joints, and is ideal for those having arthritis or other joint issues.

Chair Yoga - Muscle Strength, Mobility, Balance, Flexibility, and Endurance are all crucial health aspects for seniors. And chair yoga exactly helps to improve that along with improvement in posture.

Chair yoga is the only yoga form that hat puts less pressure and stress on muscles joints, and bones while also improving mental strength. Making it an ideal choice for most senior citizens.

Resistance Band Workouts - Resistance bands are stretchy rubber strips that add intensity and resistance to workouts and exercises with minimal stress on the body and joints.

This is relatively cheap exercise equipment in the market. And strengthens the core muscles of the body which reduces the chances of falling on surfaces.

Pilates - It is a low-impact form of exercise, which improves your breathing, alignment, concentration, and core strength of the muscles.

It is like resistance band exercise, which helps build strength without the pressure of high-impact exercises. Balancing, Flexibility, and Strength all go when we enter our old age, and pilates can help you achieve that.

Tai chi - It is an exercise everyone can do, no matter what your age is, or whether you are a normal or a disabled guy. This exercise involves, flowing movements that need deep breathing techniques, and the slow movements in it improve muscles and joints and reduce the chances of various injuries.

Conclusion :

Exercising only as per your body capacity is important if you are a person in your old age. But for more advantage, you can take physical therapies along with the exercises.

This way, you will be much stronger and the risks of getting diseased from certain ailments and injuries will be far away from you.

Physiotherapists at fit o fine use cutting-edge advanced practices that include but are not limited to the use of massages, movements, and exercises. Make an appointment with us so that one of our therapists can discuss the best treatment option for you.

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