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Dry Needling

What Is Dry Needling?

Dry needling is a procedure where filiform needles are tapped through the skin to the target tissue to bring about a therapeutic effect.

 No medicine is delivered, thus it is called ‘dry’, compared to injections, which are ‘wet’.

Morphology of needle - 

  •  diameter or gauge is 26(0.22 mm) to 34(0.45 mm)

  •  length is 13 mm to 125 mmis

Is it same like acupuncture?

No, it is not the same. Acupuncture work’s on meridians but Dry Needling treat the Trigger point.  The literary meaning of “acupuncture” is piercing with needle (Latin acus means needle). In Dry-Needling also we are piercing the needle, but physiological background is totally different. Acupuncture is traditional Chinese treatment but Dry Needling is western mode of treatment and has strong physiological background


Take home

The workshop includes -

  • Course manual (soft copy)

  • Membership at Fit O Fine Physiotherapy Solutions

  • Certificate from Fit O Fine (attendance certificate) /Practitioner Certificate (only for basic & advanced course) from  Well O Fit Healthcare PVT. LTD

  •  Transcript

Course content-

  • Introduction on dry needling

  •  Legal issue in India and abroad

  •  Physiological background on needling

  •  Procedure of doing dry needling

  •  Superficial and deep dry needling

  •  Different types of trigger points and identifying them

  •  Indication, contraindication & precaution

  •  Red flags in needling

  •  Surface anatomy

  •  Know your needle (morphology, size & choice of needle)

  •  Hands on needling on the major muscles

  •  Hands on needling on the major muscles

  •  Percutaneous nerve stimulation

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