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How is a Breathing Exercise in Pneumothorax an Essential Physical Therapy Technique?

Pneumothorax is a medical condition in which air or gas is trapped in the lungs' pleural cavity.

This buildup of air or gas causes the lung to collapse, resulting in decreased lung function and severe health conditions.

And it can be caused by several distinct factors, including trauma, medical procedures, infections, and even smoking.

The effects of this condition can be pretty severe and even life-threatening. Generally, immediate medical attention is needed to restore the lung to its normal function.

And its Treatment involves inserting a needle in the chest tube or catheter to remove excess air or gas from the pleural cavity.

Surgery may sometimes be crucial to repair a tear or hole in the chest wall.

While pneumothorax can be severe and sometimes even fatal, most cases can be easily treated and cured with the right medical attention.

In India alone, this is the reason for one million+ doctor and hospital visits per year, while the number in the USA and other countries is negligible compared to India.