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Summer Diet

Eat small, frequent refections

To digest a large mess the body produce further metabolic heat which also raise our body temperature.

Eat veggies

All flora have high water content, so they ’re easy to digest. This means our body does n’t have to work as hard, which saves our energy and keeps us cool. Cucumbers are incredibly hydrating while zucchini, which contains vitamin C and important phytonutrients, is also a great source of manganese, which protects the body from sun damage.

Cool off with fruits

Watermelon, peaches ( only 35-50 calories), pineapple and apples (95 calories with 4g fiber) can act like internal air- conditioners. Apples also contain a type of answerable fiber called pectin, which curtails hunger and helps in weight loss.

Spice is nice

Racy food and chillies stimulate heat receptors in the mouth. This heightens rotation, causing us to sweat, which in turn cools down our body.

Avoid alcohol

It dehydrates the body. Also steer clear of drinks with caffeine like coffee and colas increase the body’s metabolic heat.

It is important to eat healthy food in summer. Selection of food depends according to different geographical area. Different parts of India have different food habit, but Summer Diet should be simple & minimal