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Good POSTURE, Less Musculoskeletal Pain

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

Good POSTURE is the solution for most of the musculoskeletal pain. Try to maintain the good posture to avoid postural default and pain

Maintaining good posture is a habit, so practice it and adapt it.

Every POSTURE is important even how you sleep

Free hand exercise is the key to restore the mobility in joint. Joint range of motion exercise every day is necessary. If mobility in the joint is there then there will be no pain in that joint. Maintaining functional range of motion is very necessary, which only can come through regular exercises. Once the mobility is obtained through exercises we should maintain it with proper posture. Wrong posture can again lead for pain and limitation for joint range.

Wrong Posture land up in musculoskeletal pain. Take care of Sitting Posture, Standing Posture and sleeping Posture, as all are necessary.


If you are sitting in a chair then maintain your spine straight, that is you have to maintain the anatomical position of Spine. You have to arrange your workstation according to the anatomical position of spine, so, you are not supposed to bend your spine for longer time in workstation. 

There should be enough room for lumber spine to maintain the lordotic curve; so spine will not go straight rather it will maintain the curvature. There should be proper back and neck support. If you place your hip joint above the knee joint then automatically you will be able to maintain your lumber curve.