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Does A Sedentary Lifestyle Increase The Risk of Early Death?

A recent report by the World Health Organisation, says that approximately more than 3-4 million deaths worldwide happen because of lack of physical activity and it is among the top 10 leading causes of death and disability worldwide.

Physical inactivity is a leading health problem of our time, nearly around 65-85% of people from all over the world (both developed and underdeveloped nations), lead an active sedentary lifestyle.

But this type of lifestyle can affect the body in a very negative way.

People living like this can get serious conditions like early mortality, double risk of cardiovascular diseases and stroke, colon cancer, high cholesterol metabolic syndrome, Type-2 diabetes, depression, obesity, high blood pressure, lipid disorders, and anxiety, etc.

Stats says that In India alone, 4 out of 10 people can be found diagnosed with either of these diseases.

And it is also common because of the fast-paced world that we are living in, we don't pay much attention to what we put in our body on a day-to-day basis, i.e- diet, combined with an inactive lifestyle increases the chances of diseases even further.

In this blog, we have shared how an inactive lifestyle is harming your body and what you can do to keep yourself a mile away from these serious ailments and maintain healthy well-being overall.