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Combat Stress From COVID

As is known to all by currently we are facing the threat of a viral illness which is very contagious. It is very unique as unlike war or a communal riot the threat looms large on the entire human race irrespective of religion, political ideology or nationality. In the war against COVID-19 we are dealing with an enemy that is invisible and can only be detected days after it has accomplished its mission of attack. I was astonished to hear that the United States needs drugs from India. Could anybody think that the United States needs ammunitions from India in a war in which it is losing more civilians than any of the wars it had fought in recent times? As any unique problem needs a solution that is even more unique, the same lies for COVID-19.

Why do we feel stressed?

The strategy that has helped so far in this war is to deprive the enemy (COVID-19) of its food. As the enemy reaches us by social contact, so SOCIAL DISTANCING is the golden sword to victory. But this has its unique consequence. We face a sudden change in our lifestyle and in a day’s notice is compelled to start a new way of life. The little spices of life, the gossips in the local train compartment, cute stories of our colleague’s daughter have vanished suddenly. There is an element of uncertainty, the availability of groceries to the ending of lockdown seems doubtful. Long-awaited vacations to weddings need to be postponed. Tough one to tackle.


But can you take a minute and try to look at it differently. Would you find a time for three long weeks to be at home with wife, kids, and parents before retirement? At a time when vacation is for all at once. Try to look at the benefits. Think of those things you wanted to do but never had the time to, try to channelize your energy into an alternative sphere. Tell some stories to your son which he can never find in the digital playbooks. How about trying to cook something which you would do in college days. Do a bit of gardening or consider reading a novel or call and talk to a friend you see only in your Whatsapp group. Make use of the digital world to connect. The internet has so many things to see, try exploring. If you are single find out newer avenues for your career.

Dealing with the crisis

Try to stay away from those number of cases and deaths in media. It is not the runs and wickets in a cricket match. It means nothing to you. You need to maintain the personal protection part, the rest of the policies will be decided at the national level by experts. Discuss at length other calamities in the past that the world has faced and managed to come out like war and famine. Be sure to have adequate sleep. Remember, everyone has his own role to play in this war. Ultimately, corner and quarantine CORONA.

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