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10 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Physiotherapy Clinic In Bardhhaman

Fit O Fine is a leading physiotherapy clinic in Bardhaman that offers a range of services to help individuals recover from injuries, illnesses, and chronic conditions. They have a team of qualified and experienced physiotherapists who are dedicated to providing the best possible treatment to their patients.

Here are ten factors that make Fit O Fine the best choice for physiotherapy services in Bardhaman.

Qualification of the Physiotherapist

Fit O Fine only hires physiotherapists who are properly qualified, trained, and licensed to practice physiotherapy. They ensure that their team is constantly updating their knowledge and skills to offer the most advanced treatment options to their patients.

Dr. Satyen Bhattacharyya is a highly accomplished physiotherapist with qualifications and experience. Dr. Satyen graduated from Rajiv Gandhi University, Bangalore where he was associated with renowned hospitals like Manipal and Wockhardt. He further advanced his studies to include a Master in Physiotherapy (MPT) from Barkatullah University, Bhopal. Dr. Satyen Bhattacharyya completed McKenzie Part-A, Part-B, Part-C & Part-D under the instruction of Greg Lynch of New Zealand. He has learned the Maitland Concept of Manual Therapy from K. Pearlson of Bengaluru. Later he successfully completed a Certificate course in Orthopaedic Mannual Therapy (COMT) from Dr. Deepak Kumar where he learned the complete Mulligan approach of Mannual Therapy. Dr. Satyen Bhattaharyya also treats patients with Dry Needling which he learned from Craig Smith (Former South African Cricket Team Physio). Dr. Satyen is highly efficient in the field of Pediatrics Physiotherapy which he learned from Jane Styer Acevedo and Lezlie Adler of the Neuro-Developmental Treatment Association, USA. He has done Diploma in Osteopathy from The Osteopathic College of Ontario under the guidance of Dr. Steve Sanet. He also has done Fellowship on Osteopathy & Manipulative Therapy from SBS University & IHC, Australia.

Dr. Bhattacharyya was awarded for "TEACHING EXCELLENCE" in PTCON 2019. He worked as a Sports Physiotherapist at Sports Authority of India (SAI) Burdwan. Now he is an Associate Professor at Burdwan Institute of Medical & Life Sciences (BIMLS), one of the renowned Physiotherapy Colleges in West Bengal. He is also a B.O.S. (Board of Studies) member of Brainware University, Kolkata. Dr. Satyen is Guest Faculty of Kazi Nazrul University, Asansol & Tripura Institute of Paramedical Sciences, Agartala, Tripura. He is presently pursuing his research on Low Back Pain & Manual Therapy. He is a Life Member of the Indian Association of Physiotherapy & Federation of Indian Manual Therapists.

Experience of the Physiotherapist

The physiotherapists at Fit O Fine have extensive experience in treating a wide range of patients with different medical conditions. They have a better understanding of various medical conditions and can offer effective treatment options to help patients recover and improve their overall physical health.

Fit O Fine Physiotherapy clinic has been designed to ensure the best possible patient care in a comfortable and relaxed environment along with ease of access. This is an excellent facility for patients recovering from injury, sports injury or post-operative rehabilitation. At Fit O Fine our goal is to provide the highest level of patient care. This Centre is GOVT Regd Physiotherapy Clinic and runs under the Licence of C.M.O.H & Burdwan Municipality.

Range of Services Offered

Fit O Fine offers a comprehensive range of services, including manual therapy, exercise therapy, electrotherapy, and more. They customize their treatment plans according to the specific needs of their patients to ensure that they receive the best possible care.

Availability of Equipment

Fit O Fine is equipped with modern and advanced equipment that is necessary for effective treatment. They ensure that their equipment is well-maintained and regularly upgraded to provide the best possible treatment to their patients.

Location of the Clinic

Fit O Fine is located in a convenient location for patients, ensuring easy access to the clinic. They are situated in the heart of Bardhaman, making it easy for patients to attend their appointments without any hassle.

Cleanliness and Hygiene

Fit O Fine maintains a clean and hygienic environment to ensure that patients do not contract any infections. They follow strict cleaning protocols and ensure that all equipment and treatment rooms are properly sanitized.

Insurance Coverage

Fit O Fine accepts different insurance plans to ensure that patients can receive treatment without any financial burden. They have transparent billing practices and provide clear information on costs to their patients.

Referral and Recommendations

Fit O Fine has received numerous referrals and recommendations from other healthcare professionals, friends, and family. This is a testament to the quality of treatment and services offered by the clinic.

Availability of Appointments

Fit O Fine provides appointments that are convenient for the patient's schedule, including evening and weekend appointments. They understand that patients have busy schedules and strive to accommodate their needs.

Cost of Treatment

Fit O Fine offers competitive pricing that is affordable for patients. They understand that physiotherapy can be expensive, and strive to make their services accessible to everyone.

In conclusion, Fit O Fine is the best choice for physiotherapy services in Bardhaman. Their qualified and experienced physiotherapists, comprehensive range of services, advanced equipment, convenient location, clean and hygienic environment, insurance coverage, referrals and recommendations, availability of appointments, and affordable pricing make them the top choice for patients in Bardhaman. Patients can be assured that they will receive the best possible treatment and care at Fit O Fine.

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