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Cupping is a traditional Chinese medicine which relief pain instantly. It is broadly used in several countries in the world as a popular method of treatment. Cupping was not the earlier name, it was known as ‘horn therapy’ as it was applied with cattle horn. Negative suction inside the horn was created by the cupping practitioner. It was then replaced by the bamboo and then by the glass cups. Cattle horn are still in use in some parts of Africa to expel poison from bites. When cattle horn was replaced by the glass cups, fire came into the picture to create negative energy and expel the air.

Types of Cupping


  1.  Weak cupping

  2.  Medium cupping

  3.  Strong cupping

  4.  Moving cupping

  5.  Light – moving cupping

  6.  Empty/flash cupping

  7.  Bleeding/wet/full cupping

  8.  Moxa & Hot needle cupping

  9.  Herbal cupping

  10.  Water cupping

  11.  Ice cupping

  12.  Needle cupping

Course content


  • Introduction

  • History of Cupping with its revolution

  • Types of Cupping with Hands on application

  • Indication & contraindication

  • Physiological background

  • Cupping in disease

  • Cupping in sports injuries