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Fit O Fine Physiotherapy clinic has been designed to ensure the best possible patient care in a comfortable and relaxed environment along with ease of access. This is an excellent facility for patients recovering from injury, sports injury, or post-operative rehabilitation. At Fit O Fine our goal is to provide the highest level of patient care. This Centre is GOVT Regd Physiotherapy Clinic and runs under the Licence of C.M.O.H & Burdwan Municipality.

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  • PhD, MPT, COMT, FOMT, CMT, CDNP, DOMTP, MSc Osteopathy (Pursuing) 

  • Associate Professor: Burdwan Institute of Medical and Life Sciences

  • Accredited Tutor Indian School of Advance Biomechanical Corrections

  • Director: Well O Fit Health Care Private Limited

  • Ex-Physiotherapist: Sports Authority of India, Bardhaman​

McKenzie Level A,B,C & D (Mckenzie Institute, New Zealand) Certified Dry Needling Practitioner (Dry Needling Institute, South Africa). NDT Short Course (Neuro-Development Treatment Association, USA) Certified Mannual Therapist (Maitland Concept) Certificate in Orthopaedic Manual Therapy (Mulligan Concept) Diploma in Osteopathic Manipulative Theory and Practice



International standard workshop I have experienced with Fit o Fine. This workshop was very insightful and made absolute sense in terms of the Principles and their application. I am thankful for having the opportunity to attend.


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  • How long will it be before I feel better?
    It depends on your impairment and its cause; there's no answer to that, but you may be good with one visit or need months of care. The therapists also prescribe instructions for home exercises and various advice for you to ensure that you are taking ownership of your health and wellbeing. At FitOFine, we take pride in saying we have received several positive feedback from our patients on developing this unique relationship with our patients.
  • Is physiotherapy painful?
    Therapies generally don't hurt, but we don't say it's not going to hurt. Different parts of the body are used that are injured or have chronic pain, so it can be pretty challenging, and you will experience mild or high pain. The pain completely depends on what you are receiving treatment for, its cause and the kind of treatment and techniques the physiotherapist uses.    No one answer fits all, as the pain depends on various conditions. But it is normal to feel pain after a therapy session or even for some days.
  • Does physiotherapy generally hurt?
    Some therapies hurt, but physiotherapists always make sure the pain caused is minimal and bearable. During the treatment, various modalities, such as dry needling, shockwave therapy, electrical stimulation, Heat Therapy, Taping for sports injuries, Ultrasound, Clinical massages, and more, can cause a little discomfort. Still, pain highly depends on the condition of your impairments. If you experience pain during the session, communicate with your therapist, and he/she will adjust the treatment as required.
  • Are arthritis and diet related in any manner?
    There is no such medical evidence available to support this claim that these diets help arthritis conditions. But many doctors claim eating these during your arthritis may help to deal with arthritis better. Omega-3 Fatty Acids. Saturated and trans fat. Vitamin - D. Supplements like glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate in conditions like osteoarthritis. Fruits and vegetables. While there are no such medical claims that these diets can make a difference in one's arthritis.  But these diets improve health and decrease the chances of heart attack, stroke, and certain types of cancers.
  • When to take home physiotherapy service?
    Well, it highly depends on patients' condition and their convenience. However, in some cases, like a post-stroke or paralysis. Often, therapies are recommended at home. But patients having time constraints can also opt for home therapy sessions.
  • How can I improve my Lung health?
    The lungs play an extremely important role in our body by allowing a person to breathe. And if it fails to work, it will lead to the failure of organs such as the heart and brain as they need oxygen to function and ultimately lead to a person's death. There are various exercises to improve lungs health, and these are some effective ones - ​Diaphragmatic breathing. ​Pursed lips breathing technique. Active Cycle of Breathing Technique. ​Balloon-blowing exercise. ​Straw exercises. Spirometer exercise. Etc. You can read more about the above here.
  • How should I dress?
    You need to wear comfortable and loose-fitting clothes, but make sure the injury site is visible because, during the therapy, the therapist will need to move various areas of the body. Hence, the injury site needs to be visible and assessable.
  • How long does each session last?
    Each therapy session typically lasts 30-45 minutes, and sometimes, even more, ensuring we are giving sufficient time for assessment and the impaired treatment. Usually, follow-up appointments last for 30 minutes. At FitOFine, we are open from Monday to Saturday from 5 PM - 10 PM, so if you are working professionally, fret not. Call us today at 8348050005, and book an appointment for a consultation.
  • Does physiotherapy help in COVID?
    Yes, physiotherapy can help get better from conditions like covid, but it is not a covid cure. Various conditions of covid, like mild, moderate, severe and suspect, cause breathing problems, pain in certain areas of the body, and organ dysfunction. Physiotherapy might help relieve these conditions. But if you are diagnosed with Covid, consult a Doctor immediately because they can guide you better according to your situation. And don't take any medication or any advice from someone random.
  • What is physiotherapy?
    Physiotherapy is a treatment given to patients to relieve pain, injuries, medical or surgical situations, etc. It involves massages, or sometimes even more than massages, depending on the patient's problem; the treatments range from acupuncture and exercises to manual therapies of the bones, joints, paediatric care, soft tissues, nervous conditions, and many more; the doctors, after knowing the state of the patient and the disease cause, offer a tailored treatment program.
  • When should I consult a Physiotherapist?
    If you are suffering from pain, mobility issues, or injuries and the pain is so bad, then a physiotherapist should be consulted in those cases.  In minor cases, we often try to solve the problems by ourselves. Still, we often don't know the reason for our injury and the suitable treatments for that, which doctors and physiotherapists know. Any bad injury left 12 weeks untreated can become a chronic injury, and then it will become harder to treat. Seeing a therapist or a physician helps heal quicker and better. At FitOFine, we help you heal through physiotherapy and provide our patients the highest level of care in a comfortable and relaxed environment with easy access. Call us at 8348050005, and our secretary will help you connect with a physiotherapist suited well to your needs.
  • Is on-clinic treatment better than home care?
    That depends on your impairment and the cause for it; some issues can be treated at home, while other impairments may need some special equipment that can be available only at the physiotherapist clinic. But it is often recommended to visit a clinic for the best treatment, as your treatment may be done under a therapist, and they can provide the best treatment suitable to your personal needs.
  • How should I lose weight through Physiotherapy?
    To reduce your weight, these are the 2 key elements which impact your weight. Diet or eating habits. Exercises or physical movements. Eating a healthy weight loss diet or exercising daily with a fitness plan will help you lose weight quickly and make you slim again. Physiotherapy may or may not involve a lot of movements, which will help in calorie loss, directly leading to weight loss. So, Ask your physiotherapist to prescribe the proper diet and exercises to help you lose weight.
  • How do I locate the best therapist for me?
    Prof. Dr. Satyen Bhattacharya is the only osteopath in Bardhaman. Dr.Satyen Bhattacharyya is a highly accomplished physiotherapist with qualifications and experience. He graduated from Rajiv Gandhi University, Bangalore. He has been attached to well renowned hospitals like Wockhardt and Manipal. He further received his Master's degree in Physiotherapy (MPT) from Barkatullah University, Bhopal.  Dr. Satyen Bhattacharyya successfully completed McKenzie Part-A, Part-B, Part-C & Part-D under the guidance of Greg Lynch from New Zealand. He has also learned the Maitland Concept of Manual Therapy from K. Pearlson of Bangalore. Later on he successfully finished a certificate course in Orthopaedic Manual Therapy (COMT) under the guidance of Dr. Deepak Kumar. He learned the Mulligan approach of Manual Therapy as well.  Dr. Bhattaharyya is well versed in treating his patients with the Dry Needling method which he learned from Craig Smith (Former South African Cricket Team Physio).  Dr. Satyen is also highly efficient in the field of Pediatrics Physiotherapy which he learned from Jane Styer Acevedo and Lezlie Adler of Neuro-Developmental Treatment Association, USA. Currently he is pursuing Diploma in Osteopathy from The Osteopathic College of Ontario under guidance of Dr. Steve Sanet. Dr. Bhattacharyya was awarded the prestigious "TEACHING EXCELLENCE" award in PTCON 2019. He has worked as a Sports Physiotherapist in Sports Authority of India (SAI) Burdwan. He is an Associate Professor at the Burdwan Institute of Medical & Life Sciences (BIMLS), one of the renowned Physiotherapy Colleges in West Bengal. He is also a member of B.O.S. (Board of Studies) of Kazi Nazrul University, Asansol & Brainware University, Kolkata. Dr. Satyen is presently pursuing his research on Low Back Pain & Manual Therapy. He is a Life Member of the Indian Association of Physiotherapy & Federation of Indian Manual Therapists. FitOFine, experts in their field; provide care that best meets your needs.  We follow a strict screening process to identify the cause of your problem and the best suitable treatment to ensure you get relief from your impairments. Call us today at 8348050005, and our team will help you match the best therapist suited to your needs.
  • Is physiotherapy right for me?
    A huge number of people are turning towards physiotherapy because of the benefits it offers.  Everyone can benefit from physiotherapy; whether you are living with an injury, a chronic disease, or preparing for pregnancy, rehabilitation, acute care, or recovering from an injury, etc., Physiotherapy benefits in all conditions. Physiotherapy starts benefiting you before birth (pre-natal physiotherapy) and ends with your old-age care. Physiotherapy benefits you all through your life.
  • Is it possible to receive treatment on the first appointment?
    The first appointment with a physiotherapist will involve a full assessment of your impairments, and then the therapist will tell you what to do and the treatments to proceed with.
  • Does my health insurance cover the cost of Physiotherapy?
    If you hold private medical insurance, You need to talk to your insurance company before attending a physiotherapy clinic and ask them all your questions. The number of sessions approved or the coverage amount for therapies.
  • What Procedures are used in Physiotherapy?
    At the first appointment, the therapist will try to assess your impairments and their cause; after that, they may recommend your next steps depending on your condition and the type of treatment needed for your impairments. The standard procedures include -  Dry needling, Shockwave therapy, Electrical stimulation, Heat Therapy, Taping for Sports injuries, Ultrasound, Clinical massages, etc.
  • Can I bring someone with me during the sessions?
    Yes, sure! But make sure you are informing us about this in advance; if you want your family member or friend to join you in the physio room, we allow that.  Or, if they don't want to join, they can wait in reception till your therapy session lasts.
  • Should I have to take daily sessions? Or can it be on an interval basis?
    It completely depends on the problem and the condition for which you are taking physiotherapy sessions. Some conditions require daily sessions, and some require interval sessions; their recovery phase varies. For example, if the condition is orthopaedic, neuro-related or sports-related, then the recovery phases vary and the number of sessions to take. We strongly advise you to consult a physiotherapist as they may be able to guide you according to your situation in a better way. At FitOFine, we have highly experienced physiotherapists for all kinds of diseases, whether chronic related, neuropathy, arthritis or anything else. Call us at 8348050005, and our secretary will help you connect with a physiotherapist suited well to your needs.
  • Can I do exercises on my own? Without Consulting any physiotherapist.
    If you are facing any recurring issues, go and consult a physiotherapist. Don't do anything alone because the reason for your impairment might not be known to you; doing random exercise might worsen your condition.  Consult a Doctor or a physiotherapist for your impairments, and they might recommend the best solution. Many people consult random exercise youtube videos for that, which is strongly discouraged. Performing random physiotherapy by yourself will do more harm than good.
  • Should I have to change my diet if I am taking Physiotherapy?
    Diet plays a major role in the human body, and Do you know -  you can get relief from various pains just by changing your diet.  A smart diet will ensure the treatment plan is more effective during physiotherapy treatment. While a Physiotherapist prescribes a diet according to your disease condition and the treatment to cure it.  Follow the suggestion of your physiotherapist strictly. But there's a common diet which helps in curing the majority of the condition - Drink more water. Avoid any kind of inflammatory foods. Intake protein-rich meals and snacks. But don't consume anything unless instructed by a physiotherapist.
  • Do you give ergonomic advice?
    Yes, At FitoFine, we have therapists for people suffering from these conditions.  Many working professionals face health issues and reach out to us for solutions. We guide them on various small things like lifestyle habits, optimising work techniques, the working environment, and some hacks to keep the back straight.  We often think these things are small and neglect them fully, but they have a huge impact on our health in the longer term and are not worth ignoring.
  • Do you treat sports injuries?
    Yes, injuries are very common in sports, and different sports cause different injuries in different parts of the body.  At FitOFine, we offer treatments for various injuries and diseases like Ligament Injury, Rotator cuff tear, Injury in elbows caused by playing tennis and golf, Facial injury, Sprain or Strain, Shoulder instability, Shin pain, Lower back pain, Achilles tendonitis, Runners Knee etc. We also provide Post Surgical Therapy, Onsite Management, Exercise prescriptions for different individual Sports persons etc.
  • Is there any treatment for constipation in physiotherapy?
    Yes, Physiotherapy is an effective way of dealing with constipation. And when the situation is constipation, Visceral osteopathy is the best solution as it involves a gentle form of manual therapy by massaging and stretching the patient - muscles, joints and connective tissue, which improves the movement of various inner organs.  The physiotherapist tries to locate the source of tension. Once it is located, they apply gentle compression, mobilisation and elongation to the location to help relieve the tension and soreness within the body and make the organs facilitate their natural ability to heal themselves and work again.
  • Is there any physiotherapy treatment for headaches?
    Yes, there are physiotherapy treatments for headaches and migraine conditions.  There are various types of headaches like Cervicogenic headaches, Migraine headaches, Tension Headaches etc. So taking, physiotherapy may help to get relief from the pain. And If the headache is carcinogenic, then the best solution is physiotherapy. At FitOFine, we have various treatments like cranial osteopathy, headache SNAG, Massage therapy, Acupuncture, and so many others for different types of headaches. Book a call with us today at 8348050005, and let us help you fight your headache.
  • Spinal Manual Therapy
    Spinal Manual Therapy
    Sun, Dec 03
    Dec 03, 2023, 9:30 AM – Dec 10, 2023, 5:00 PM
    Bardhaman, 27A, Town Hall Para Ln, Badamtala, Townhall Para, Bardhaman, West Bengal 713101, India
    Pelvis and Sacrum (Level 1)
  • Cupping Therapy
    Cupping Therapy
    Sun, Sep 24
    Sep 24, 2023, 9:30 AM – 5:00 PM
    Kolkata, 2nd Cross Road Dd 19, DD-19, 3rd Ave, DD Block, Sector 1, Bidhannagar, Kolkata, West Bengal 700064, India
    Introduction to Cupping Physiology of Cupping Weak, medium & strong cup Bamboo cupping Needle Cup Moxa cupping Moving & Light moving cup Danger of Cupping Empty & silicone cup Water cup Ice cup Myofascial cup Sports cup
  • Spinal Manual Therapy
    Spinal Manual Therapy
    Sat, Sep 16
    Sep 16, 2023, 9:30 AM – Sep 17, 2023, 5:00 PM
    Kolkata, Mukundapur Market, Nitai Nagar, Santoshpur, Kolkata, West Bengal 700099, India
    SPINAL MANUAL THERAPY (Pelvis & Sacrum) • Introduction to Manual therapy • Functional leg length assessment & its importance as diagnosis protocol • PI ilium / AS ilium • IN ilium / EX ilium • Lateral Sacrum or PR – PL Sacrum • The Posterior / Anterior Sacral Base • Up Slip / Downslip • Coccyx
  • Redo Cupping Workshop
    Redo Cupping Workshop
    Sun, Aug 21
    Aug 21, 2022, 10:30 AM GMT+5:30 – Aug 22, 2022, 5:00 PM GMT+5:30
    Burdwan, 27A, Town Hall Para Ln, Badamtala, Townhall Para, Burdwan, West Bengal 713101, India
    Eligibility Criteria: Previous Certification of Cupping Therapy. Seats are limited. We are allowing few of our interested students for their practice in Cupping.
  • Cupping Therapy Workshop
    Cupping Therapy Workshop
    Sun, Aug 21
    Aug 21, 2022, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
    Burdwan, 27A, Town Hall Para Ln, Badamtala, Townhall Para, Burdwan, West Bengal 713101, India
    rescheduled on 21st August 22. Please contact in 8348050005 for more queries
  •  Cupping Workshop
     Cupping Workshop
    Sun, Apr 24
    Apr 24, 2022, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
    Burdwan, 27A, Town Hall Para Ln, Badamtala, Townhall Para, Burdwan, West Bengal 713101, India
  • Spinal Manual Therapy (Basic)
    Spinal Manual Therapy (Basic)
    Sat, Sep 25
    Sep 25, 2021, 1:30 PM GMT+5:30 – Sep 26, 2021, 6:30 PM GMT+5:30
    Burdwan, 27A, Town Hall Para Ln, Badamtala, Townhall Para, Burdwan, West Bengal 713101, India
    Hands on Workshop
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